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The Florida State College for Women
Debate Coach
1937 - 1944


Sadie Young, M.A.

Sadie Gertrude Young received her M.A. in Economics from the University of Missouri, served on the faculty at Southern Illinois University and then joined the Florida State College for Women's Economics and Commerce Department as an Assistant Professor in 1925.  She agreed to take over sponsorship of the FSCW National Student Federation of America (N.S.F.A.) Chapter Debate Team in 1927.  In 1928, the students requested that the College hire a faculty coach trained in debating.  When the College refused the request, she continued to coach the team with the assistance of Margaret Wyly, an instructor in the Speech Department.  After the student senate subsumed the N.S.F.A. and the debaters decided to form the Debating Club, Young and Wyly became faculty sponsors of the club with assistance from the Head Librarian, Louise Richardson. Young and Wyly helped the debaters to form the Delta Epsilon Alpha "Strawberry Leaf" debate honorary and sponsored the club variously known as the Debate Committee, the Debators' League, the Debaters' League, and the Debate Club until limited wartime resources eliminated their ability to travel to tournaments.